Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tough Long Run March 22nd 2014

I ran a section of the trail marathon route today. Here is the Strava data:

The slow pace is due to three things. One, I was doing a lot of scouting. Two, it was a lot of elevation gain, and three, I am slow no matter what. I started with a backpack that I took off and hid at the 1.75 mile mark. I also took my fuel belt that contains two six ounce bottles and two ten ounce bottles. The crazy climb depleted my water and put me into deep snow. Forgive the shameless selfie.

I ran down to a parking lot and found a couple getting in their car. I asked them if they had any water. They had maybe an ounce left over in a water bottle. I gladly accepted it. I ran to the next canyon and found a cute group of teens and advisers getting ready for a training hike for trek prep. I asked them for water, and they gave me two bottles. I downed one on the spot and filled two of my fuel belt bottles with the other. They also offered me an orange which I did not want to offend them by not accepting. When I do that run again, I will have to plan better. I am getting an Ultraspire Solace pack that should solve some of the problem. I will do a review on the pack once I have used it a few times. I still may have to drop water or Gatorade the night before.

I ate some caffeine infused Cytomax drops and some Stretch Island fruit leather. I was famished when I got home and have not stopped eating.

I should note that the water I started with was electrolyte infused by Elite Water.

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