Friday, May 1, 2015

Altra Co-Fouder, Brian Beckstead, Runs Boston Backward then Forward, Negative Splits

After 52.4!

Since I last wrote about Altra, a lot of new, awesome stuff has come out. I still race in the One2. Check out this video...

Seriously, it feels like you are running barefoot on a wrestling mat. I prefer them for runs under seven miles. They weigh 5.9 ounces which is just a little more than the weight of a Double Whopper and 20 times better for your health. There is a new version coming out which I have seen but have not run in.

There are four new shoes that I have tried and love three of the four. If there were no Lone Peak 2, I might love the Superior 2, but in a head to head battle, the Lone Peak 2's are always my shoe of choice. Lighter people seem to like the Superior 2 better. It is thinner and lighter. The issue for me is that I am throwing 230 lbs plus vertical and angular momentum onto my shoes with every step. I need a little more cushion.

The Lone Peak 2 is ridiculously grippy, durable and perfectly cushioned. The rock guard sandwiched in the sole absorbs sharp spots effectively. So far I have logged about 400 miles on my first pair and have already purchased a second pair to alternate. 

The Provision 2 is a stability shoe that solves my wicked pronation issues. Its StabiliPod technology does something I don't understand but like when I run in them. It also has a built in stability wedge that helps with pronation as well. I use this shoe for runs longer than 7 miles on pavement.

Finally, Brian Beckstead ran Boston this year in the new Torin 2's...twice. He ran it backward before the race started then forward and negative split.

Brian after completing Boston backward

I asked him what shoes he ran in. His comment, "The Torin 2. It exceeded my high expectations." I will be testing these over the next several weeks.