Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taper Week Sickness -- There are Benefits

I spent the day in bed yesterday with low fever, aches and fatigue. How could that possibly be a good thing, you ask. The silver lining is two fold. One, it forced me to rest...I heave a tendency to go ham when I should hold back. In fact, 50% of my marathon strategy is to force myself to hold back early in the race so that I can finish strong.

Two, I was not going crazy wanting to run. Monday was a designated rest day that drove me mad. Every time I saw a runner, I was green with envy. I wanted to put my shoes on and go. I was sick enough yesterday that I had no desire to run or do much of anything but sleep.

I feel better today...about 70%. I will rest today and tomorrow, do a short run on Friday and hope to be 100% by start time on Saturday. Weather conditions seem to be perfect. It should be about 40 degrees at the start and will only get to 76 for a high. I am not left with many excuses.