Monday, March 24, 2014

Strava is so Awesome!

Strava is a dream. You can download the free app onto your smart phone and you are in business. Using GPS technology, Strava records my rides and runs, gives me calorie burn, pace, maps and much more. The activity below shows my activity on March 15th and 18th.

Details of my afternoon run are shown below. I get PR's and rankings against myself and every other runner who has ever done a particular segment.

The table below shows a segment that I Pr'd. I climbed the hill in 7:04 which is a personal best and 15th out of 22 runners that recorded the same segment. I am slow going up by comparison.

I fared better in the ride below. Gravity is a great equalizer for me. I rank 48th out of 737 for this segment. There are few better trails in the world than Bear Claw Poppy in St George Utah. It is ear to ear smiles every time I ride. Hitting 25.3 mph on a mountain bike is a fine thing.

Strava allows me to follow friends. I can send kudos and messages to them when they do epic stuff. Did I mention that the app is free?

Once I have my run (ride) time and calorie burn number, I log those into My Fitness Pal. The combination of the two apps is wicked cool. Strava comes in ride and run versions. I give it five stars for sure! I would love to follow you on Strava. Please send me a note with your info or just follow me and I will follow you back.

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