Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Once Per Year Road Bike Experience

Varden, Desi, Irina, Josh, Alison, Phil, Becky and me

Late Saturday I received a text from the great Irina Wong, road biker, mountain biker and canyoneerer extraordinaire. She, her husband Josh and several others were going to bike the Alpine Loop. I considered my post half marathon state and opted in. We left at 7:00 AM in a group of 12. It was a great ride up to the top as conversation flowed, and we laughed a lot. The push from the mouth of Provo Canyon to Sundance Ski Resort is HC category climb with segments that are less steep at 2 and 3. Phil Graham, the rider straddling his bike in the picture, is an animal. He and I led the climb for a while. Phil was breathing easily while I was pulling in as much air as fast as I could. I was about at my limit and he would sprint ahead or go back down to check on the rest of the group.

These are such good people. As much as I would rather not road ride, being in their company is always great and made my once/year experience worth it. Other than the great company, the views were spectacular. There are not many better mountains than Tmpanogos.

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