Thursday, May 15, 2014

Downhill Improvement!

A short departure from my series on weight loss success stories...

Jonathan and I set out to break some records today on an after work ride. It is so great to be this close to some great trails. We came close to #1 Strava rankings. When he is serious about it, he wears his DH helmet.

Jonathan wearing a DH helmet for high speed today

My Strava shows that I currently hold second place out of 61 people for one of the DH segments. 

My Strava results for today's downhill segment

Not sure how long it will last, but I will take it for a minute at least. 

Jonathan was second out of 285 in one segment. On the same segment, I was 16th. He was third in another segment and had some chain ring problems. I was 16th in the same segment. He is so fast; he will be first by next week. 

There are times when I will have biked with Jonathan only for weeks at a time. I sometimes get discouraged by how fast he is downhill and how relatively slow I am. It is good to get more feedback sometimes. I will be doing a post on what he does to be so fast. He is a purist and a technician about it.
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